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HOW To survive pubg zombie mode guide and tricks


Pubg zombie mode out and all are excited with this new pubg mobile new updet.the zombie mode features  60 players on pubg game three days thw nights in the 30 minute game.

smart landing in the pubg zombie mode

the landing is one of the first steps to make your stay longer in the zombie  mode. so always plan your jump whare there are many will help you to get your hands on the weapons fast and also ,you will be able ti trick the zombies and survive for long.

rely upon shotgun

the last point in our list of hacks to survive pubg zombie mode is for killing the zombies instanty with the shotgun. the shotguns have a higher danger rate and due to the same they can kill a zombie in one shot and all types of zombies can betherefore,try to pick 7.62mm compatible gun to kill the zombies.

keep full stock of health kits

you never know from where the zombies will attack and then you always have enemies on the it makes more sense to keep a stock of first aid kits enegy drinks med kits and painkillar
while fighting. if will keep you booosted and will heal you up quickly.

learn about zombie's reaction pubg mobile

get familiar with zombies behavior, zombies that emerges in the second night are  more difficult to handle becouse they are more furios and run at of faster speed as compared to the appear in the first night.

how to kill big zombies or the tyrant boss

among all the zombies,the tyrant boss or the big zombies are most difficult to kill so its more important to kill them first as they can cause more damage in one go. in the pubg game so you went to win in pubg zombie mode ypu must follow my tips.

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